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Student Services

We offer comprehensive mock state CNA skills testing designed to prepare students for the Certified Nursing Assistant exam. By simulating the actual testing environment, we provide students with a realistic and stress-free practice experience. Our program includes hands-on practice sessions covering all essential skills, from patient care and hygiene to vital sign measurement and infection control. Each session is supervised by experienced instructors who provide personalized feedback and guidance, ensuring that students build confidence and proficiency in their skills. By participating in our mock testing, students can identify areas for improvement, enhance their performance, and increase their chances of success on the state CNA exam.

Our tutoring service for nursing students is dedicated to helping you excel in your academic and clinical pursuits. We offer personalized tutoring sessions tailored to your specific needs, whether you are struggling with complex nursing concepts, preparing for exams, or seeking to improve your clinical skills. Our experienced tutors, who are knowledgeable in various nursing disciplines, provide one-on-one instruction, detailed explanations, and practical study strategies. By focusing on your individual learning style and academic goals, we aim to boost your confidence and competency in all areas of nursing. With our support, you can navigate the challenges of your nursing program with greater ease and achieve your professional aspirations.

Our paper review and feedback service is designed to help students enhance the quality and effectiveness of their academic writing. We offer thorough reviews of student papers, providing detailed feedback on structure, content, clarity, and adherence to academic standards. Our experienced reviewers, who are well-versed in various disciplines, meticulously assess each paper to identify strengths and areas for improvement. We provide constructive comments and actionable suggestions to help you refine your arguments, improve coherence, and ensure proper citation and formatting. By utilizing our service, you can elevate your writing skills, produce polished and compelling papers, and achieve better academic outcomes.

Our professional development offerings for nursing students and nurses are designed to equip you with the essential tools and skills needed for a successful transition from student to professional nurse. We provide comprehensive training on resume writing, where you will learn how to craft a compelling and well-organized resume that highlights your education, clinical experience, and relevant skills. Additionally, our interview skills training sessions will prepare you to confidently navigate the job interview process, offering tips on how to effectively communicate your strengths, respond to common interview questions, and present yourself professionally. These sessions also include mock interviews with personalized feedback to help you refine your performance. Time management skills training is available for students seeking to be on top of their game and better manage their time. By participating in our professional development programs, you can enhance your employability, increase your confidence, and take significant steps toward achieving your career goals in nursing.

mock skills for cna state exam

Practice makes perfect!

$100 - 1 Full hour

Review hands on skills that you may be unsure about in our safe practice and training environment

Get full feedback on the skills you practice, and get tips and tricks for making sure that you are fully prepared to take your state exam and pass on the first time! 

Included in your 1 hour session:

Hands on skills practice of 3-4 clinical skills for the Headmaster CNA test

Practice skills in a safe and comfortable judgment free environment

Receive immediate feedback and specialized tips to help pass your exam!

Note: This skills practice sessions does not offer any promises of passing the state CNA exam or any other implications. This is simply a professional opportunity for students to safely practice skills and receive feedback on their performance. DRK Consulting makes no guarantees or passing the state exam. 

Payment required at the time of booking.

No refunds issued to any student at any time for any reason for the hands on skills practice sessions. 

Nursing student tutoring prices

Virtual Tutoring

$100 per session

  • Face to face tutoring on various subjects
  • Send over subject information prior to lesson for lesson prep
  • Meet at a mutually agreeable time. 
  • Receive detailed lessons on subjects that you may struggle with.



  • DRK Consulting will create detailed lessons for you to review
  • Take the lesson at your own pace- it will be recorded and shared via private link. 
  • Learn about various subjects that you struggle with.
  • Available for LPN- DNP!

professional development assistance
starting at just $50 per hour

Resume review and feedback

Charting and documentation help

Interviewing prep

Professional referrals

job search assistance

assertiveness training

Professional coaching

linkedin setup assistance

coaching leadership- new methods in leading

implicit bias training

leadership training

Professional mentoring