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Patient services

Receive a professional medication review from your nurse consultant who can provide feedback on the medications you are taking including dosages, route, and if the medication is truly appropriate for you or your loved one. Patients being on the wrong medications can have serious and multifaceted consequences, impacting their health and well-being. Misdiagnoses, incorrect dosages, and medication interactions can lead to adverse effects ranging from mild discomfort to life-threatening conditions. For instance, a patient prescribed a blood thinner instead of a necessary anticoagulant might face increased risk of bleeding, while one receiving the wrong psychiatric medication could experience worsened mental health symptoms. These errors can stem from a variety of sources, including miscommunication between healthcare providers, lack of patient history, or even pharmacy dispensing mistakes. Ensuring accurate medication management requires meticulous attention to detail, comprehensive patient records, and clear communication among the medical team to safeguard patient health and optimize therapeutic outcomes.

Medical chart review services play a critical role in ensuring the accuracy, quality, and completeness of patient health records. These services involve a thorough examination of medical charts by skilled registered nurse, to verify that all documented information meets clinical and regulatory standards. By meticulously reviewing patient histories, treatment plans, and outcomes, these services help identify any inconsistencies, errors, or omissions that could impact patient care or lead to legal and financial repercussions. Additionally, medical chart review services assist in uncovering patterns that can inform better clinical decision-making and quality improvement initiatives. They are essential for maintaining compliance with healthcare regulations, optimizing reimbursement processes, and ultimately enhancing patient safety and care outcomes. By ensuring the integrity and accuracy of medical records, these services support a more effective and trustworthy healthcare system.

The need for a professional and trained public guardian is increasingly critical in today's society, where many individuals, such as the elderly, disabled, or mentally incapacitated, require dedicated advocacy and support to manage their personal and financial affairs. A public guardian serves as a crucial safeguard, ensuring that the rights and needs of vulnerable populations are upheld with competence and integrity. Proper training equips these guardians with the knowledge to navigate complex legal, medical, and social service systems effectively, allowing them to make informed decisions that align with the best interests of those they represent. Moreover, a professional public guardian can provide consistent and ethical care, reducing the risk of exploitation and abuse. As the demand for such services grows, the importance of having well-qualified and empathetic guardians cannot be overstated, ensuring that those who are most in need receive the protection and support they deserve. Dr. Kenyon is eligible and ready to serve!

A patient advocate plays an essential role in the healthcare system, offering indispensable support and guidance to individuals navigating the often complex and overwhelming medical landscape. These services empower patients by ensuring their voices are heard and their rights are respected, whether dealing with medical providers, insurance companies, or social services. Patient advocates assist in understanding diagnoses, treatment options, and care plans, helping to make informed decisions and providing emotional support during challenging times. They also work to resolve conflicts and address grievances, ensuring that patients receive fair and timely care. By bridging gaps in communication and knowledge, patient advocacy services enhance the overall healthcare experience, promoting better outcomes and fostering a sense of control and confidence in patients as they manage their health and well-being.

A private pay nurse service offers an exclusive, personalized healthcare option for individuals seeking specialized medical care outside the constraints of traditional insurance coverage. These services are typically funded directly by the patient or their family, allowing for a highly customizable care plan that addresses specific health needs and preferences. Private pay nurses provide a broad spectrum of medical and supportive care, from routine health monitoring and medication management to post-surgical assistance and chronic disease management. This model ensures patients receive undivided attention and continuity of care, fostering a strong nurse-patient relationship that enhances overall health outcomes. By choosing a private pay nurse service, patients can benefit from greater flexibility, immediate availability, and a level of care tailored precisely to their unique circumstances, thereby promoting a higher quality of life and peace of mind for both patients and their families.

A dedicated nursing service specializing in visiting nursing homes and assisted living facilities provides an essential layer of oversight and advocacy for loved ones residing in these settings. These professional nurses conduct comprehensive evaluations during each visit, meticulously checking on the well-being of the residents to ensure that they receive the highest standard of care. This includes monitoring vital signs, assessing physical and mental health, and reviewing care plans and medication administration. After each visit, a full and thorough report is compiled, detailing the findings and any recommendations for improvement. This report is then shared with family members, offering them transparency and peace of mind regarding their loved one's care. This vigilant approach helps to address any issues promptly, enhance the quality of life for residents, and ensure that the care provided meets established healthcare standards.

Medication Review Services

Starting at $50 per hour 


Medical Chart Reviews- Expert opinion 

Starting at $100 per hour


Public Guardianship Services

Starting at $80 per month*

Patient Advocate services

Starting at $100 per hour

Emergency services available for $250 per hour

Private pay/duty nurse

Starting at $65 per hour depending on level of service needed. 


$150 per visit

Includes full detailed and written report after every visit. 

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